Market Terminals - run UpdataAnalytics seamlessly on leading market terminals

Updata's integration to market terminals such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters is second to none. You can run on as many real time platforms and sources as you wish and easily swap from one to another at any time. Updata uses the same codes and navigation that you are used to

Bloomberg - Updata's integration to the Bloomberg Professional terminal has evolved over 15 years. Bloomberg users globally use Updata for more advanced technical analysis, scanning and alerting, backtesting and reporting. Video Demo HERE

DTN - ProphetX is widely used in the soft commodities area in North America. Video Demo HERE

eSignal - A cost effective way for professional or semi-professional traders to follow markets. Video Demo HERE

Factset - widely used by financial professionals globally. Video Demo HERE

FutureSource - A cost effective market data platform for energy commodities and futures markets. Video Demo HERE

Money.Net - Affordable professional market information. Video Demo HERE

Teletrader - a high quality, real-time market data feed covering European & US markets. Video Demo HERE

Thomson Reuters - More and more Updata users connect to Eikon for its strength in news and global financial markets, especially commodities. Updata gives them more advanced analytics and the ability to cross compare with other data sources. Video Demo HERE

SIX - Telekurs from Six Financial Information used widely in wealth management

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