Data Feeds - run UpdataAnalytics on leading data feeds and free internet services

Utilise lower cost raw data feeds and the growing range of free internet services. This gives users an advanced analytics front end, backtesting and reporting capabilities off the shelf. In many instances better search capabilities have been developed to make interrogating these data sources with Updata even better

iQFEED - Real time internet quote feed from DTN giving traders accurate tick by tick updates.Video Demo HERE

Global Data Feeds - The market leading data service in India. Video Demo HERE

Google Finance - Free data on a host of global markets, often real-time. Updata recognises the same codes as you would type in Google, downloads the histories ready for you to analyse Video Demo HERE

Investor Exchange (IEX) - Free real time US stock prices with historical data from America's newest exchange Video Demo HERE

Montel - Specialists in European Energy - great for Nordpool, EEX and ICE. Video Demo HERE

TrueData - Specialists in data from the Indian markets. Video Demo HERE

WebCache Realtime - enabling Updata clients to chart a handful of stocks in real time Video Demo HERE

Yahoo Finance - More free data on a host of global markets. Updata recognises the same codes as you would type in Yahoo and downloads the histories ready for analysis Video Demo HERE

Active Financial - ACTIV provides low latency real-time, multi-asset financial market data from more than 150 equity and derivatives exchanges around the world. It is the only truly end-to-end, independent market data utility in the industry. Updata bring powerful analytics to Active

Barchart - Cost effective real-time market data to feed into your Updata system. Video Demo HERE

DirectFN - Real time data and electronic trading specialising in the Middle East and Africa regions

Excel - Feed data into your Updata system with Microsoft Excel RTD server with Updata's Excel plug in

GlobalView - A broad range of global energy and commodity market data in an easy to use SaaS platform

Morningstar Quotes - the original Tenfore datafeed offering real time market data from every major exchange

myTrack - A real time stocks and options feed from Track Data Corp

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