‘Business is not just about products, it’s more about people‘

David Linton, Chief Executive, Updata

The Updata team has decades of experience in the trading and analysis of financial markets. It’s not just our products that our clients value. They appreciate the relationship we build, our speed of response and our ability to assist in the realisation of their technical strategies.

Here’s what you can expect from us as a user of the system:

  • Training at your desk from our people who are highly experienced in technical analysis and trading strategies
  • Assistance with Custom Coding and System Testing of your algorithms or trading ideas
  • Regular updates to your system with all the latest constructive feedback from our clients
  • Invitations to training events and conferences we are speaking at
  • Regular Market Reports and lessons showing you how to get the most from your system
  • Interfacing of our systems to your own internal data

Who uses Updata?

Updata is used by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world with more big names taking the system all the time.


What our clients say

I see that you did not lose any time on this!

BNP Paribas

This is the approach we like to see


You guys are the best!!!

Prin Financial NY

This pro-activity is impressive! Thank you.

Societe Generale

You guys created the sort of 'crack' for technical analysts that is completely addictive.

ABN Amro

  • Energy
  • Run on OTC data
  • Portfolio
  • Risk Management
  • Private
  • Home based Trader