Updata Professional

Here's how it works with your
Bloomberg and what it gives you

Updata Professional runs in conjunction with the Bloomberg Application Programming Interface (API). This is the same mechanism that feeds Bloomberg data into spreadsheets, but Updata's integration to Bloomberg is much more seamless.

You type the same codes as you would on your Bloomberg. Updata Professional also follows your usage pattern of data requests intelligently and caches data making future chart requests much quicker.

Fast scrolling or scanning charts in large universes of data is made easy with the ability to receive real time alerts on any technical criteria you are seeking. Add more powerful analysis, custom coding and system testing and you have everything you need to succeed in today's markets.

So what are the extra benefits Updata Professional gives you?

Different users of the system identify various benefits, but this is the main feedback we get from our customers.

  • UP is so powerful, but so easy to use
  • UP has the best looking and most configurable charts
  • UP lets you have as many charts open as you want
  • UP uses all Bloomberg data with the same codes
  • UP scans lists in minutes and saves you hours of searching
  • UP charts are faster because the data history is pre-cached
  • UP covers every technical analysis base you can think of
  • UP lets you test and optimise any technical strategy

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Unlimited charts and analysis on up to 10 virtual screens, means that all your charts are always open for. Set a screen for each theme you want and have ten other screens like this all just a click away.


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Who uses Updata?

Updata is used by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world with more big names taking the system all the time.


What our clients say

I see that you did not lose any time on this!

BNP Paribas

This is the approach we like to see


You guys are the best!!!

Prin Financial NY

This pro-activity is impressive! Thank you.

Societe Generale

You guys created the sort of 'crack' for technical analysts that is completely addictive.

ABN Amro

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